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See the Whole Picture with Financial Clarity

Jon Bicknell and his team offer a holistic approach to your financial planning. Grow your wealth, protect your assets and prepare for a bright future with the right advice and guidance from one of our experienced advisors. 

<br /><br />INVESTMENT


Gain financial clarity with the right investment strategy. Our process gives you better insight when you will use your money, so you can make informed choices about where to invest. We’ll identify key tactics to protect your income, but also grow your wealth so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor the way you’ve always wanted.



To enjoy the retirement of your dreams you need a well-designed plan. Together, we’ll evaluate your financial circumstances and identify your retirement income goals so we can create a game plan that helps you live out your golden years just as you imagined.

<br /><br />TAX PLANNING


To grow your wealth you need to protect your assets, and that means having a clear tax plan. We work in collaboration with your tax team to develop a strategy that will help you maintain compliance while also helping you keep more of what you’ve earned.

<br /><br />INSURANCE


Your insurance needs will change in retirement but life insurance is still valuable for estate planning and pension protection. Working together, we can devise a plan to use old life insurance policies for retirement income or as a special policy that provides Long Term Care coverage.



Protect your legacy and your loved ones with comprehensive estate planning. Create clear and simple directives to ensure the proper distribution of your wealth and make things as easy as possible for the ones you left behind.

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