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The New Retirement Reality

Unlike our parents’ generation, we cannot rely on social security or employee pensions
plans to support us in our golden years. 401(k)s and other investment products put
retirement planning squarely on the individual.

What if you could continue receiving consistent income in the form of a retirement paycheck?

How does a segmented investment strategy work?

A segmented investment strategy utilizes a time based approach to align asset allocation with each segment.  Think about it, you have money that you won't need for 10 or 15 years down the road.  We can show you when you will need those assets and why they are invested.  Yes, even retirees will need growth investments, these are sometimes are scary to hold, but if you have other assets that provide stability and income - it will be easier to stick to your plan !

<br /><br />This strategy starts with a plan:

This strategy starts with a plan:

We guide you - first to understand your income, then your expenses, then the amount you will need to withdraw from your investments each successive year to meet your stated goal.

<br /><br />Then it's about segmenting your assets:

Then it's about segmenting your assets:

Investments are divided by timeframe by which they will be spent.  Timeframe leads to investment in various asset classes, setting out a management schedule to maximize growth, but also protect your investments while ensuring adequate and consistent cash-flow through-out your non-earning years.

The strategy benefits from:

  • Risk Alignment
  • Time Horizon
  • Diversification

A Segmented Investment Strategy

Here's what it looks like:

A segmented investment strategy gives you peace of mind and a monthly
“paycheck” during your retirement. It’s a clear and simple money-management
solution to help you enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. A diversified portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Retirement with confidence.

Get the strategy.

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